AgileWorks Romania

First code and beer in Bucharest


The code and beer idea is simple enough: we gather in the evening after work, in a pub, have a beer and write some code. It is a social coding event where you can share ideas with other developers. You can come and leave whenever you want.

Why would you come and join us

  • meet-up with other programers
  • work on your own project
  • help others on their projects
  • find someone that might help you on a specific topic
  • pair with someone and learn new things
  • just hang around to talk with people


We want to make the first code and beer in Bucharest on 30th of October at 19:00 hours. We will use the Bucharest Agile Meetup Group for registration, here is the event on meetup.

There is no predefined agenda. We just meet-up and work on whatever we feel like it. It will be over... when it will be over.