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Product Development from scratch

Experience frequent product delivery with peers like you!

Whether you are interested to get your hands dirty with code, or to bring improvement ideas to a software product, join us for this new monthly meetup series. We will develop a new software product from scratch.


Imagine you're in the mood for dining in the city this evening. You have an approximate idea of what you want to eat, and you have a budget limit. How do you decide where to go? How do you make a reservation? How do you know the restaurant is not already fully booked? 

That's what our software product will offer: a place where you can easily make a restaurant reservation based on a few simple criteria. 


The facilitator (Alin Pandichi) will play the role of a Product Owner. He will provide user stories for you to pick up and implement. He will also prioritize the features based on the feedback we will get from the users of the product.

You will receive all the assistance you need in order to contribute to this product, including guidance from a Technical Leader.

You are encouraged to bring a laptop, although it is not a requirement. 

There will be a Github repository where you can submit your pull requests. 

You can choose to develop using any programming language / any technology stack. This will be possible due to the microservices architecture of the product.


Even if you don't write code, there are lots of ways you can contribute. 

As a tester, business analyst, product owner, user experience specialist, designer, marketing specialist, (etc., you name it), you can contribute too:

• build UI/UX

• test features

• do exploratory testing

• develop the backlog further

• develop a marketing strategy

• just bring ideas or any feedback

Last but not least, as a programmer / tester you can:

• write code

• write automated tests

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