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Agile Talks #35: Constructive conflict through NVC & Study of Agility in Romania

Let's meet again in April and learn from each other. Here is the agenda:

1. Silvia Pavalache will talk about
Constructive Conflict Through Nonviolent Communication

"Why should I attend, I'm not violent, I have no reason to go to this class!"
Nonviolent Communication is not a language intended only for those who express anger, frustration, irritation through aggressive gestures, offending and raising the voice.
It is more than that, it is about the deep observation and understanding of how we have been raised to see reality, is about the way we talk to ourselves and those around us.
Being stuck in a mentality in which we always seek the culprit, the one who didn't do the right thing, we put ourselves in a position of struggle with the other and therefore someone will always lose.
NVC involves both communication skills and awareness to work together to meet the needs of all concerned. It is about helping create a quality of interaction that builds collaboration based on mutual respect and understanding and not fear, shame, blame or coercion.

We will explore through the ‘four chairs’ two of the main skills developed in this approach:
•self connection when we receive a message that triggers us;
• expressing honestly and assertively without attacking."

About Silvia:
She has been learning NVC since 2010. She has a vision to bring connection in each relationship, either with herself or with others. In 2016 she began offering one on one sessions, introductory courses and developed an NVC programme for women. She is an active member of the Romanian Asscociation for NVC and has been a trainer on Extraordinary Relationships since 2017.

2. Cristina Pana will present us the results of the Study of Agility in Romanian Software Community.

"In this study we aim to evaluate the development of practices in the Romanian Software Community by observing how it evolved in the past years and what are the opportunities that lay ahead. The study is looking in the following dimensions to address agility:
(1) Companies, employees and productivity,
(2) Agile Practices Survey,
(3) Interests, knowledge sharing and tech events,
(4) Education and learning. "

About Cristina, Learning Facilitator - Co-Founder DOvelopers:
"I enjoy working with teams to help them improve their interactions and way of working as . At DOvelopers I experience different roles , from facilitator, Scrum Master, trainer to being an entrepreneur.
I am continuously learning and improving as a professional in order to bring value to the teams and organisations we cater to.
Looking forward to share the study about Agile in Romania and start a great conversation about it with you."

19:00 - Intro
19:10 - 19:40 Silvia Pavalache - Constructive Conflict Through Nonviolent Communication
19:40 - 20:10 Cristina Pana - Study of Agility in Romanian Software Community
20:10 - Break
20:25 - Open space
21:00 - Closing

See you there!

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