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Agile Talks #34: Scrum in non-tech teams & Dynamic governance in Agile

March edition brings two new speakers with two new interesting topics.

1. Rares Bacioiu is sharing with us his experience in applying Scrum in non-tech teams:

"Aplying Scrum in Non-Tech Teams is like drying your socks in the microwave: It's not wrong if it works! We will talk about how we started to apply Scrum in one team in HR, and then to other teams in HR, and then to Finance, and then to present about it at an Agile Meetup. It's nice to have the same language of working across the company, but how is it working since we don't deliver code?"

About Rares:
With experience in Agile, Tech and HR (so far) and passionate about creativity, I like to work with people and processes and I can't help but find things that can be improved in the way we work. My work so far involved: Technical Support, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Project Management, Integration Management, People Analytics, and of course, Scrum Master(-ing) in several teams. Apart from that, I am also training new entries in the art of Agile and implementing Agile methods in other teams.

2. Teodor Darabaneanu talks about scaling Agile in the organization using sociocracy principles, aka Dynamic Governance for Agile Organizations.

"This presentation will suggest a new organizational structure – double link circle structure - that enables Agile methods to be scalable up to the highest executive level in organizations. This structure is part of Dynamic Governance (aka Sociocracy) principles that transform a functional organization in an Agile one.
The participants can participate to a short game, experimenting at physical level the feeling of being part of one and another type of organizational structure. They can feel the difference and understand why it’s hard for executive to agree on organizational evolution to Agile. "

About Theodor:
He is a senior trainer and consultant of Training & Education for Organizations (T.E.O. - Training) with over 20 years’ experience in IT&C. He was the first Romanian Agile Apostle, trained in Scrum by Ken Schwaber, promoting more than 10 years the Agile methods in Romania.
Now he is promoting Dynamic Governance (Sociocracy) in Romania for its applications in business, in ONGs, in Education. He is part of Sociocracy global movement and he is contributing to its development and adoption in organizations.

19:00 - Intro
19:10 - 19:40 Rares Bacioiu - Scrum in non-tech teams
19:40 - 20:10 Teodor Darabaneanu - Dynamic Governance for Agile Organizations
20:10 - Break
20:25 - Open space
21:00 - Closing

See you there!

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