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Agile Talks #33 Cristi Cirnicianu -Team formation, Lencioni model & XP practices

It's time we kick-start the new Agile Talks season!

Here is what Cristi Cirnicianu is going to share with us:

"Team growth, continuous improvement, pragmatism are some of my interest as Agile Coach at Adore Me. Individuals and interactions over process and tolls is the value from Agile Manifesto that drives me in all what I do. And I think this value is the baseline for team collaboration. At Adore Me we started with scrum teams with 9 and more people in it. We soon realize that small teams are more effective with happier members. Probably many of us heard about Tuckman stages of group development. We looked further than this and we applied Lencioni model to manage the team growth. Blend this model with XP practices and soon they will become a healthy, high performance team"

About Cristi:

"Passionate about present, human interactions, learning, continuous improvement and usually affected by student syndrome. I like to serve, facilitate, mediate, sketch and help as much as I can. I have some IT experience: more than 20 years in the domain, former programmer, scrum master with some education and certifications (CSM, CSPO, CSP) but all of these are just tools in my toolbox. I would love to be remembered as a gardener who seeds beautiful ideas. I embraced the agile coach role in a multinational "IT factory" with more than 800 engineers and polished my abilities in IT of Adore Me"

19:00 - Intro
19:10 - Cristi Cirnicianu - Team formation
20:00 - Break
20:15 - Open space
20:45 - Closing

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