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Agile Talks #32 – Andrey Adamovich – DevOps Transformations: tools vs culture

SysAdmins are obsolete, we need more DevOps engineers! Or do we? Why technology X is not what you need right now? Why ignoring skills that are already present in the team may be a huge risk? Why everything-as-code is an effective approach? Why not investing in team member education may be very destructive? Why not having time is a bad excuse for not automating? Why process improvement effects may not be observable immediately? Why cost of automation sometimes is higher than the time invested in writing the scripts?

Find out the answers to these questions, and more. Our first speaker, Andrey Adamovich, Software Architect at Aestas IT, will give several use cases from his personal experience helping organizations to implement DevOps initiatives and automation of software delivery and testing.

The second speaker, Andrei Pietrosu, Senior system engineer at Netcentric, will talk about "Standardization over the entire board in IaaS". There is an art in knowing how much is enough when standardising. Ever wondered how much diversity and client specificity you should allow for when standardising accross the board? If we standardise everything, what good does it do? Lastly, when everything is nicely boxed up, what are the next steps?

19:00 - Intro
19:10 - Andrey Adamovich - DevOps Transformations: tools vs culture
19:45 - Andrei Pietrosu - Senior system engineer
20:00 - Break
20:15 - Open space
20:45 - Closing

More about our speakers:

Andrey Adamovich is a software craftsman with many years of experience in different lifecycle phases of software creation. Andrey's love is JVM ecosystem. In recent years, he tries to apply JVM goodness to DevOps initiatives his company is implementing for several clients. He is one of the authors of Groovy 2 Cookbook as well as frequent speaker at local communities and conferences.

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