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Agile Talks #23


You are invited to the last Agile Talks event of this season. New interesting topic will be presented. 

"Enhancing Clean Architecture - 2 n-dimensional layers" by Valentin Tudor Mocanu.

With this approach we can enhance the separation of concerns & capabilities offered by Clean/Lean Architecture: we want to easy respond to the changes, we want to be lean, we want a scalable and testable design, we want to easy change technologies. We need to fulfill what Uncle Bob expect from development: “stable productivity, inexpensive adaptability, extreme quality”. 

Valentin Tudor Mocanu currently acts as coach, consultant and trainer for various Agile methods (Disciplined Agile, XP, Scrum). He is Certified Disciplined Agile Coach & Instructor and Disciplined Agile Consortium Bronze Partner. In parallel, he is Process Coach/Project Manager at PSS Prosoft-Solution. Previously, he was involved in all kind of development activities, and develop software solutions for various target domains. He has built & provides team/organization guidance for clean code, refactoring, life-cycles, estimation, architecture and others. He blogs about agile/lean methods, principles, practices and about agile design. 


18:45 - 19:00 Arriving, socializing
19:00 - 19:10 Introduction
19:10 - 19:45 Enhancing Clean Architecture - 2 n-dimensional layers
19:45 - 20:00 Break
20:00 - 20:50 Open Space - ask the speakers for more details or propose interesting topics
20:50 - 21:00 Closing

See you on 15th of June!

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