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Agile in distributed teams debate

Pro & Con debate: Agile in distributed teams

Is collocation fundamental for an Agile framework to work or is it overrated?

Have you already struggled with the “disadvantages” of working in remote teams and you ended it up following a “better-than-nothing” Agile approach?

Did you manage to find solutions to cope with the distance or the cultural differences and you would like to share them with us?

Are there any prerequisites and rules to be followed before deciding to distribute activities and still keep the Agile set up?

We invite you to take part at a debate around these questions and many others and to chose your battle as the Pro or Con teams will do their best to prove their point. On the Pro team we will have 2 experts to help us: Florian Popa – PHP developer and Emilian Losneanu- Craft coach from Cegeka. On the Con team, the disbelievers 🙂 

Here is the Agenda: 

18.45-19.00 Arriving, socializing
19.00-19.10 Introduction
19.10-20.30 Debate : Agile in distributed teams
20.30-20.40 Wrap up (conclusions and feedback)
20.40-21.10 Food & Drink

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