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Global Day of Code Retreat 2012

Anul acesta sarbatorim pentru al doilea an consecutiv pasiunea pentru cod curat si frumos, cu ocazia Global Day of Code Retreat 2012, pe 8 Decembrie 2012. Comunitatea AgileWorks, fiind pionierul acestui eveniment in afara SUA, a facilitat organizarea catorva evenimente in toata Romania.

Lista evenimentelor este urmatoarea:

  • Bucuresti - code retreat facilitat de Alexandru Bolboaca
  • Timisoara - code retreat facilitat de Flavius Stef
  • Cluj Napoca  - code retreat facilitat de Adi Bolboaca. Cu aceeasi ocazie, RABS organizeaza un alt code retreat in Cluj Napoca, ceea ce inseamna ca dezvoltatorii clujeni au de unde alege. Ne bucuram de diversitate, si lucram impreuna cu RABS pentru ca ambele evenimente sa fie la inaltime. Asadar, potentialii participanti sunt rugati sa aleaga unul dintre code retreat-uri, pentru a evita problemele de organizare.
  • Sibiu - urmeaza sa fie anuntat.
Daca doriti sa ajutati la organizarea oricarui eveniment, va rugam sa contactati facilitatorul. Pentru alte detalii despre GDCR 2012, Adi Bolboaca este coorganizator la nivel global al evenimentului si poate oferi mai multe detalii.
Va asteptam la GDCR 2012!
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AgileWorks Remote Open Space


Last year, after the Agile Lean Europe (ALE) conference, Franck Depierre had the idea to start a Remote Open Space to connect the different communities of practice of Europe, in the spirit of the ALE Network. Franck called this concept xALEc, or The Extreme ALE Club.

Inspired by his initiative we initiate the same concept to unite the AgileWorks Romanian groups: Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, IașiSibiu, Targu-Mures.



You have some questions and you would like to find answers.

You want to share your ideas to others.

You want to be exposed to new ideas

You want to learn new things.

You can e-meet experienced professionals.



Each Tuesday Every two weeks, on Tuesday, we meet at 19:30 (Romanian time) on Google Plus. To attend you need to either open the Google Document and click on the Google Plus Hangout link or you can follow the Twitter tag #awros to see the link to the Google Plus Hangout.

Each attendee makes a short introduction.

We add to this Google Document the topics that we would like to talk about.

We vote the topics we want talk by dot voting on the Google Document.

We chat about the voted topics and we want to keep our ideas on the subject.

After 30 minutes we stop and we draw some conclusions.

We write the conclusions in the google document.

We use Twitter to radiate the ideas we have come up with by using the twitter tag #awros

The first hangout will be on Tuesday 6th of November 2012.


In order to attend

You need an internet connection, and a microphone attached to your computer.

You need a Google Plus account.

30 minutes of your time.

Good ideas.


More information

About Open Space here.

About AgileWorks Romania here.


First code and beer in Bucharest


The code and beer idea is simple enough: we gather in the evening after work, in a pub, have a beer and write some code. It is a social coding event where you can share ideas with other developers. You can come and leave whenever you want.

Why would you come and join us

  • meet-up with other programers
  • work on your own project
  • help others on their projects
  • find someone that might help you on a specific topic
  • pair with someone and learn new things
  • just hang around to talk with people


We want to make the first code and beer in Bucharest on 30th of October at 19:00 hours. We will use the Bucharest Agile Meetup Group for registration, here is the event on meetup.

There is no predefined agenda. We just meet-up and work on whatever we feel like it. It will be over... when it will be over.


Legacy code retreat Bucuresti

Sambata 7 aprilie 2012 va avea loc un nou Legacy code retreat la Bucuresti, gazduit de TeamNet. Mai multe informatii:



Global Day of Code Retreat in Bucuresti, Timisoara si Cluj

România este parte din Ziua Mondiala a Code Retreat! Bucuresti, Timisoara si Cluj-Napoca vor gazdui aceste evenimente.

Va invit sa va inscrieti la unul dintre ele cat mai sunt locuri. Inscrierile se fac folosind grupurile meetup corespunzatoare orasului (vezi sidebar dreapta).

Mai multe detalii despre code retreat sunt disponibile aici.

Evenimentele sunt sponsorizate de:


Code Retreat

A code retreat is a one day free community event for software developers. The idea of the event is to remove all pressure and allow a self-selecting group of developers to experiment new and better ways to write software. It usually takes place on Saturdays.

The code retreat format is the following:

  • one day event
  • we work on a problem, generally Conway's Game of Life
  • 6 sessions of 45 minutes, 3 sessions in the morning and 3 sessions in the afternoon
  • during each session, we work on the problem in pairs and at the end of the session we delete all the code. Yes, really delete all the code.
  • after each session we discuss what happened, change pairs and start over again

The problem cannot be finished in 45 minutes. If you do finish it, it means you haven't tried hard enough to write the best code that you can.

Did you know that the Romanian community was the second in the world to do code retreats, right after the first 2-3 in US? Since then, the format has changed and improved. Maria Diaconu and Alexandru Bolboaca were the first facilitators and they have helped improve the format.

What you learn at a code retreat depends on you. Usually, we touch on technical practices like:

  • Clean Code
  • Simple Design
  • Test Driven Development
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Working in more programming languages, in some of them for the first time
  • Functional programming
  • SOLID principles
  • and others, depending on the audience.

The typical agenda of a code retreat is:

  • Start time: depending on the facilitator, between 8:00 and 9:30.
  • Participants arriving, coffee, socializing – 30’
  • Introductory speech by the facilitator – 30’-45’
  • Session #1 – 45’
  • Retrospective #1 – 15’
  • Session #2 – 45’
  • Retrospective #2 – 15’
  • Session #3 – 45’
  • Retrospective #3 – 15’
  • Lunch – 90’
  • Session #4 – 45’
  • Retrospective #4 – 15’
  • Session #5 – 45’
  • Retrospective #5 – 15’
  • Session #6 – 45’
  • Retrospective #6 – 15’
  • Retrospective of the day, group photo – 30’
  • Optional, after party

Did you know that more than 20 code retreats were organized in Romania?

Photos from Romanian Code Retreats

First Code Retreat


Corey Haines and a few other people (Gary Bernhardt, Patrick Welsh, Nayan Hajratwala) thought of this in January 2009, at the Codemash Conference.

In May 2009, Maria invited Corey to speak at OpenAgile Romania. Alex and Maria met him then and learned about the format.

In June 2009, the first Romanian code retreat took place. It was probably the third or fourth in the world and certainly the first in Europe. Maria and Alex facilitated together most of the Romanian code retreats.

In January 2010, Corey came back to Romania and a code retreat facilitated by him, Maria, Alex took place. JB Rainsberger was one of the attendees. At that time, Corey had his ideas and we had our ideas. We discussed all approaches and came up with improvements. He helped us use a standard format for the code retreat, while we introduced a few changes: the final retrospective and the idea that the code retreat should not be focused on one single programming language.

During the Berlin code retreat in August 2011, Alex did the final retrospective in a different way.

So, the format is evolving. More than that, each facilitator has his own style. This is good, because it allows improvements.

More history:

What makes a good code retreat?

The role of the facilitator is very important. He or she has to push the attendees, to make them expand their horizon. He needs to ask questions and try not give answers, but guide the attendees on a discovery path.

Bad facilities stand in the way. If the facilities are good, people won’t notice them and focus on learning.

In the end, how much people learn depends on them. The facilitator cannot push them harder and hope they learn more. Instead, he needs to keep explaining the principles of the code retreat and help them take advantage of the environment created for them.


4.10.2011, Code Duplication

One of the most important principles of simple design is to remove duplication. But what is duplication? What types of duplication are out there? Let's explore together the topic of duplication and look at some code samples to see how many types of duplication we can notice.

This meetup will be about code. If you don't write code, you might not be interested.


Teste bune, teste rele

De ce să scriem unit teste? Testarea automată încetinește ritmul de dezvoltare! Am scris teste, dar acum mai mult ne încurcă.


Acestea sunt doar câteva din întrebările legate de testele scrise de dezvoltatori. Soluția? Să înțelegem ce înseamnă teste bune și ce înseamnă teste rele.


Următoarea întâlnire din București (24 august 2011) pe teme de Software Craftsmanship va fi despre aceste întrebări. Vom discuta despre principiile de urmat pentru a avea teste bune, dar mai ales vom citi teste și vom discuta pe marginea lor. Ne vom gândi care sunt problemele și cum am putem îmbunătăți testele.


La finalul acestei conversații sper că toți participanții vor înțelege ceva mai mult despre ce  înseamnă cod de testare bun, și își vor dori să exerseze mai mult. Și, cine știe, poate ne și arată ceea ce au învățat într-una din întâlnirile viitoare...


Ce sa exersam?

Prima întâlnire de software craftsmanship a avut loc de cateva saptamani deja. Am avut o prezentare - slide-urile sunt disponibile aici - si un brainstorming legat de ceea ce ar vrea sa exerseze dezvoltatorii din comunitate.


Iată o primă, foarte scurtă, listă:

  • Refactoring "sigur" - pentru cazul cand lucrezi cu cod oribil și trebuie să înțelegi ce se întâmplă acolo
  • Clean Code - ca să eviți situația de mai sus
  • Unit testing - ca să fii sigur că nu strici nimica
  • Programare fără a folosi mouse-ul - ca să poți face cele de mai sus cât mai rapid cu putință
  • Pair programming - ca să facem programarea mai ușoară

Unde mergem de-aici? Păi, e foarte simplu. Trebuie să raspunzi la două întrebări:

Ce altceva ai vrea să exersezi?
La ce ești bun și poți demonstra în față comunității?


Viitoarele întâlniri vor fi practice, orientate pe cod, cu demonstrații de virtuozitate. Dacă îți cunoști foarte bine editorul (fie el vi, emacs, eclipse, Visual Studio ...), dacă stăpânești unit testing sau TDD, dacă programezi în limbaje mai puțin cunoscute, dacă ne poți uimi cu baze de date NoSQL sau daca ai alte idei pe care le poți demonstra, comunitatea vrea să te vadă în acțiune!


Adaugă un comentariu aici sau contactează-mă pe alexboly[at]gmail[dot]com.


Code Retreat #11 – sincron in lume

Esti un dezvoltator pasionat? Iti doresti sa te intorci la perioada cand puteai sa scrii cod fara sa fii sub presiune? Ti-ai dorit sa incerci modular design, pair programming, teste automate, Test Driven Development, alte limbaje de programare, refactoring, clean code samd...?

Atunci ziua de 7 Mai 2011 este pentru tine.

Code Retreat-ul este cea mai buna metoda de a dobandi abilitati noi ca programator intr-o singura zi. Pe deasupra, este gratis. Mai mult, pe 7 Mai ne vom conecta cu alte grupuri care fac code retreat-uri in lume in aceeasi zi.

Mosaic Works sponsorizeaza pranzul pentru acest eveniment.

Afla mai multe detalii si inregistreaza-te aici.