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Last year, after the Agile Lean Europe (ALE) conference, Franck Depierre had the idea to start a Remote Open Space to connect the different communities of practice of Europe, in the spirit of the ALE Network. Franck called this concept xALEc, or The Extreme ALE Club.

Inspired by his initiative we initiate the same concept to unite the AgileWorks Romanian groups: Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, IașiSibiu, Targu-Mures.



You have some questions and you would like to find answers.

You want to share your ideas to others.

You want to be exposed to new ideas

You want to learn new things.

You can e-meet experienced professionals.



Each Tuesday Every two weeks, on Tuesday, we meet at 19:30 (Romanian time) on Google Plus. To attend you need to either open the Google Document and click on the Google Plus Hangout link or you can follow the Twitter tag #awros to see the link to the Google Plus Hangout.

Each attendee makes a short introduction.

We add to this Google Document the topics that we would like to talk about.

We vote the topics we want talk by dot voting on the Google Document.

We chat about the voted topics and we want to keep our ideas on the subject.

After 30 minutes we stop and we draw some conclusions.

We write the conclusions in the google document.

We use Twitter to radiate the ideas we have come up with by using the twitter tag #awros

The first hangout will be on Tuesday 6th of November 2012.


In order to attend

You need an internet connection, and a microphone attached to your computer.

You need a Google Plus account.

30 minutes of your time.

Good ideas.


More information

About Open Space here.

About AgileWorks Romania here.


Code Retreat Sibiu

Primul Code Retreat din Sibiu va avea loc pe 28 Ianuarie 2012 si va fi facilitat de Costin Morariu. Daca sunteti prin zona, merita.

Detalii si inregistrare:

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20.01.2012 – Maria Diaconu’s Account of Agile Transformations

AgileWorks Iasi is proud to be the guest of Maria Diaconu, Lean/Agile Coach and the founder of AgileWorks Romania!

In her first meeting with our local Agile community of practice, Maria will share with us some of her experiences with Agile transformations in various companies.

We'll welcome Maria on Friday, 20.01.2012, 18:30. The location is yet to be established, so suggestions will be highly appreciated!

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Global Day of Code Retreat in Bucuresti, Timisoara si Cluj

România este parte din Ziua Mondiala a Code Retreat! Bucuresti, Timisoara si Cluj-Napoca vor gazdui aceste evenimente.

Va invit sa va inscrieti la unul dintre ele cat mai sunt locuri. Inscrierile se fac folosind grupurile meetup corespunzatoare orasului (vezi sidebar dreapta).

Mai multe detalii despre code retreat sunt disponibile aici.

Evenimentele sunt sponsorizate de:


25.11.2011 – Case study – Agile/Scrum implementation at FITS

One of the key objectives of our Agile community of practice is to share experiences and learn from one another. In this respect and according to the wishes expressed during the retrospective we had two meetups ago, we open a series of case studies with a description of how Agile/Scrum is implemented at FITS.

Friday, 25.11.2011, 18:30, FITS - Str. Sf. Lazar Nr. 27, Et. II 217

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4.10.2011, Code Duplication

One of the most important principles of simple design is to remove duplication. But what is duplication? What types of duplication are out there? Let's explore together the topic of duplication and look at some code samples to see how many types of duplication we can notice.

This meetup will be about code. If you don't write code, you might not be interested.


29.09.2011 – Real Life Agile Engagements – Discussion

Hi All!

I'd like to share some of our experience in working with a set of customers that are some of the largest financial institutions in the world. The interesting fact is that many of them demand agile development, are very aware of agile, have hired agile coaches and are moving towards agile on an enterprise scale (workforces of sometimes thousands of people).

I can give you a little history of how agile came into the picture for these companies, what are the advantages they see in agile and how a complex agile engagement in a complex environment works and the various ways in which Endava teams have dealt with it and the lessons we've learned.

When and where: Thursday, 29.09.2011, 18:30, Endava Iasi Strada Palat 3E, Palas, United Business Center, Etaj 5, Iasi


Andrei Postolache

Delivery Unit Manager, Endava Iasi

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01.09.2011 – Iasi Agile Community Retrospective

We had seven meetings (!) already and it's about time that we take a step back and reflect on where we are and were we want to go with our Agile community.

When and where: 01.09.2011, 18:15 at FITS - Str. Sf. Lazar Nr. 27, Et. II 217, Iasi, Romania.

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Teste bune, teste rele

De ce să scriem unit teste? Testarea automată încetinește ritmul de dezvoltare! Am scris teste, dar acum mai mult ne încurcă.


Acestea sunt doar câteva din întrebările legate de testele scrise de dezvoltatori. Soluția? Să înțelegem ce înseamnă teste bune și ce înseamnă teste rele.


Următoarea întâlnire din București (24 august 2011) pe teme de Software Craftsmanship va fi despre aceste întrebări. Vom discuta despre principiile de urmat pentru a avea teste bune, dar mai ales vom citi teste și vom discuta pe marginea lor. Ne vom gândi care sunt problemele și cum am putem îmbunătăți testele.


La finalul acestei conversații sper că toți participanții vor înțelege ceva mai mult despre ce  înseamnă cod de testare bun, și își vor dori să exerseze mai mult. Și, cine știe, poate ne și arată ceea ce au învățat într-una din întâlnirile viitoare...


29.07.2011 – Improving Our Agility

So we found out that we aren't very good at SCRUM (at least that's what the test from the last meeting said). Then what can we do to improve ourselves?

When and where: 29.07.2011, 18:15, Embarcadero - World Trade Center building, Anastasie Panu, 26, Iasi

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